The Erastus Hatheway
Family Bible 1814
Erastus Edward Hatheway was born August 12 in
Wellington Mass. in the year of our Lord 1817

Stephen Hatheway was born August the 1st In the year
of our Lord 1819

John Hatheway was born January the 20 year of our
Lord 1821

William N. Hatheway was born October 22 in the year
of our Lord 1822

Adeline Louisa Hatheway was born September 28th

David Stanley Watson Hatheway was born June 26,

George W. Hatheway was born July 10th 1831
Family Record of Births
Family Record
Erastus Hatheway was born in Taunton,
Massachusetts in the year of our Lord
November 22, 1789

Mercy Hatheway was born in Edgarton,
Massachusetts in the year of our Lord
June 24, 1790
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Family Record of Marriages
Erastus Hatheway of Taunton was Married to Mercy
Norton of Edgarton in Providence, R.I., November 23,

Erastus E. Hatheway was Married to
Rosanna Goodyear.
Jan th 24 1841

John Hatheway was Married to
Mary E. Lockwood Jan th 26, 1842

Adaline L. Hathaway and LaFayette Simpson Was
married in the Town of LaFayette, Madison County
Ohio, on Wednesday the
24th day of December AD 1857 (1?)

D.S.W. Hathaway and Elizabeth Hagan was married
in Bloomfield, Iowa on 27th day of October AD 1852

Stephen Hathaway and Sarah T. Jarrett were married
May 26, 1833

George W. Hatheway and Jane Moore were married
September 8, 1853
Family Record of Deaths
William N. Hatheway died
September 14 Year of our Lord 1823

Erastus Hatheway Died July 1846 - 31 day.

Mercy Hatheway died August 29th 1866

Adaline L. Simpson died near Afton, Iowa 18??

Erastus E. Hatheway died near Faribault, Jan 20, 1884

Stephen Hatheway, died in Muncie, Ind. Apr. 20, 1891

John Hatheway died in Bloomfield, Iowa, Mar. 2, 1893

David Stanley W. Hatheway died August 25, 1903 at
Bloomfield, Iowa, aged 54 yrs. ?? mo., 26 days

Geo. W. Hatheway died May 17, 1910 at
Topeka, Kansas, aged 78 yrs, 10 mos. 7 days

Frank Hatheway died April 25th 1872,  son of
G. W. & Jane Hatheway

Oct. 26, 1885, Mrs. Sarah Ann Young, daughter of
G.W. and Jane Hatheway died at Bellefont, Kan.
age 25 yrs 5 dy

Jane Hatheway, wife of Geo. W., died May 15th 1898
at their home near Salina, Kan.
Age 67 yrs. 6 mos. 14 days.

Geo. W. Hatheway died May 17 - 1910 at
Topeka, Kansas Aged 78 yrs. 10 mo.- 7 days

Mercy Catharine Hatheway Ott died May 2 1948 at
her home near Prescott Kans. Aged 89 yrs 2 mo.

Adeline Louisa Hatheway Smith died - San Diego
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