Do you have possession of your
ancestor's Family Bible?  Do the
dates on the family pages in the
Bible pre-date the 1900's?  If you
would like to submit copies of
these pages to this website, please
contact the HFA Internet
Correspondent at the address
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HFA Members,
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We will post a downloadable link to
your GEDCOM.  The GEDCOM must
be privatized before submission.  
Attempts will be made to link your
family tree to existing genealogy
reports for Nicholas, William or
Arthur on this website.  If no
connection is known, we will post
your family tree and E-mail link on a
page of partial lineages.
To Contribute your GEDCOM, or Hathaway Family Bible Pages
E-mail HFA Internet Correspondent:
Leanne Wiese
(Note:  For subject line of E-mail use "HFA Website")
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