St. Briavel's Castle

The Castle, St. Briavels, (pronounced "Brevels") was built in 1086 as a hunting lodge for the Norman Kings to hunt deer in the Forest of Dean. It also served as a fortification to guard the Welsh border.

William, son of Baderon de Heathway, was appointed to the Lordship of Ruardean and St. Briavels. His title was "Constable of the Forest of Dean", a hereditary title of the male line. The constable was a lesser Baron, since he answered directly to the King. The Lordship of Monmouth was passed to Baderon, son of William I, who was called Baderon of Monmouth. The Lordship of Ruardean and St. Briavels was passed to William II, son of William I. The Heathway manor at Ruardean became the headquarters of William II and he became known as William de Heathway. (Hathaway).

The Castle is presently managed by the Youth Hostel.

Research contributed by Clyde W. Hathaway-1999

Castle Mound at Ruardean, England, looking north toward the Wye Valley and viewing the ruins of a Hathaway manor house. This is the place where the Hathaway name and family began. Photo taken 1999.

Lordship of Ruardean and St. Briavels

William son of Baderon 1046-1115

Constable of the Forest of Dean

William II de Heathway (Hathaway) 1077-1148


William III Hathaway 1109-1173


William IV Hathaway 1140-1207

Nigel V Hathaway 1170-1248


William VI Hathaway 1194-1250


William VII Hathaway 1243-1316


William VIII Hathaway 1276-1338


William IX Hathaway 1291-1354


Thomas X Hathaway 1315-1377

Line extinct due to Black Death